Why I like this Audi Commercial

The reason as to why I like this video was for how surreal the video is. The idea sounds really odd since we have a human sized T-Rex going though a mid life crisis. What makes this video compelling is how we can relate to the T-Rex since he use to be this fearsome animal who has become a laughingstock. You get a sense of how much he has lost his pride and isn’t what he use to be. The T-Rex in this TV spot could severe as an allegory for how older people can’t adapt to the ever changing social landscape as much as the newer generation can in regards to both technology and social norms. The video has really good cinematography, the soundtrack provides for some good atmosphere, and has consistent direction.


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From my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of high school I was on a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team called I.B.O.T.S. 2370. While I was on the team, I was designated photographer since I took a lot of pictures when the team built the robot and while we were at various competitions. However it hit me I now wanted to make a video for our team so that we could get more people to join. During my last two years of high school, I went to a tech center for video production. While I was there I made various types of video for that class from music videos, documentaries, promo videos, etc. There I made a few videos for the robotics team and from there this made me want to get into the video production career field.

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