Top 10 Worst Godzilla Villains

With SHIN GODZILLA coming out on DVD (well at least in Japan), I figured with Godzilla coming back to cinemas regardless if it is the Japanese making Godzilla films again or the upcoming american Godzilla films Godzilla: King of Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong. I figured I do another top ten list of sorts. Last time I did who I believe are Godzilla’s greatest villains. This time I’m going to do a list on who I believe are his worst villains.  And like last time I have to make some restrictions to the list, the first one would be that monsters that Godzilla fought have to be the villain of the movie meaning that Godzilla is either the hero or anti-hero of the movie.The second restriction is including characters that started out as Godzilla baddies and later become good guys aren’t allowed. So no frenemies like fan favorite Godzilla monsters like Anguirus, Mothra, and Rodan are going to be appearing on this list. Well with the exception of a few monsters that act as an opponent but I’ll get to that later. So now the question is who is the number one Worst Godzilla villain?

10. Titanosaurus:


Titanosaurus is a aquatic dinosaur that first appeared in the last film of the Showa era of Godzilla films in 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla. Now before I bash this dinosaur, I don’t hate Titanosaurus.  If anything I actually like the dinosaur themed kaiju, after all out of the new monsters that appeared in the 70’s Godzilla movies. Titanosaurs is the last new monster and the only monster to not come from space since a lot of Godzilla new enemies from the 70 came from space. Titanosaurus was a nice throwback back to the dinosaur themed monsters that first appeared in a lot of early Godzilla films. Titanosaurus was the last completely original main monster to appear in the Showa series of Godzilla films until the M.U.T.O.(s) in the 2014 GODZILLA cause most of the monsters in the that appear in the Heisei and Millennium eras are linked to Godzilla or another monster (Biollante-Godzilla, Mecha King Ghidorah – King Ghidorah, Battra-Mothra, Fire Rodan – Rodan, Super Mecha Godzilla – Mechagodzilla, Destoroyah-Oxygen Destroyer-Godzilla, Orga-Godzilla, Megaguirus-Meganulon, Monster X-Keizer Ghidorah-King Ghidorah) in some way or reintroduce fan favorite monsters. Titanosaurus in terms of what his powers and weapons he really doesn’t really have much. He basic power is that he can swim, jump, and can create a cyclone with his tail by opening the fin from the tip of his tail and swinging it’s tail back and forth. He can also match Godzilla in terms of strength as he is shown to pick up Godzilla by biting him. I also like the fact that we have yet another aquatic themed monster in the Godzilla franchise.

His role in Terror of Mechagodzilla, he serves as an mind controlled pawn for the main villains of the film. Titanosaurs is shown throughout the film attacking various submarines and attacks Tokyo until Godzilla arrives. He would later come back to continue this rampage with the newly reconstructed Mechagodzilla and tag teamed Godzilla. The main battle in the film is actually  unique fight cause around this time in during the 70s Godzilla films. There was usually a lot of tag team battle from Godzilla vs. Gigan to Terror of Mechagodzilla with Godzilla usually having a partner. This time however Godzilla has no ally to help him fight both Titanosaurs and Mechagodzilla with Titanosaurus doing a good chunk of the fighting against Godzilla while Mechagodzilla was in the background. It wasn’t till the humans arrived with a special weapon to take down Titanosaurus allowing Godzilla to destroy Mechagodzilla for good and kill Titanosaurus with a blast of his atomic ray. Sending the aquatic dinosaur’s body back into the ocean not to be seen again.

I terms of why I think Titanosaurus is a bad Godzilla villain is for a few reasons. One he isn’t really evil, he is just another case of a monster being mind controlled by a mad scientist (like we haven’t seen that before). Also after Titanosaurus is freed from the mind control, we don’t really know what he is like. We are told that he is a peaceful sea creature and we never really see this aspect (only because he was mind controlled for a good majority of the movie.) since Godzilla killed him with one blast of this atomic ray. Also it took one shot  of Godzilla’s atomic ray to kill off Titanosaurus. Even before he gets killed by Godzilla, a man made weapon in the form of sonic wave was able to neutralize Titanosaurus making him on of few kaiju to be defeated by humans. Also in a film called Terror of Mechagodzilla. Titanosaurus has more screen time and both Godzilla and Mechagodzilla combined. If anything the movie was more about Titanosaurs than Mechagodzilla, and he only appears in one movie. Like the next time we see Titanosaurus is in Godzilla Final Wars only as stock footage. Titanosaurus also has what has got to be the most annoying roar ever cause he sounds like an elephant on helium. Overall Titanosaurus is a misunderstood kaiju that wasn’t really evil but take a screen time away from the main villain of Terror of Mechagodzilla.

9. Kumonga:


Kumonga (Spiga or Spiega) is a giant spider kaiju that first appeared in the 1967 Godzilla film Son of Godzilla. In terms of how the spider kaiju is brought to life in the Godzilla franchise is though puppets instead of being a man in suit creation. As far as weapons and powers go, Kumonga can spray webbing from it’s mouth that strong enough to make smaller kaijus immobile or turn into nets, he is able to launch a poison stinger from his month as well, borrow under ground, he can also use his legs as weapons, and can jump far distances. Kumonga is an spider kaiju that severed as the final antagonist  of Son of Godzilla. Not much is known about Kumonga’s origin other than the fact that Kumonga is a giant spider that lived on an island and occasionally sleeps underground when its not hunting. The biggest mystery about Kumonga is was he always giant sized or did he mutate by some experiment gone wrong we just don’t know.

When he first appeared in the Showa era of Godzilla he appeared in the before the climax of Son of Godzilla were he fought chased the main human characters and trapped both Minilla (the son of Godzilla) and Kamacuras (a giant praying mantis) and managed to kill of Kamacuras with his poison stinger. After killing Kamacuras, Kumonga makes his way towards Minilla only to be hit by a rock by Godzilla. Kumonga starts to battle both Godzilla and his son. Granted Kumonga did a good majority of the fighting with Godzilla while Minilla just kinda stood there. However after a long battle the combined forces of Godzilla and Minilla both fired their atomic breaths and set Kumonga a flames.    

His next appearance would be in Destroy All Monsters but this time he isn’t a villain of the movie. Its unknown if this is a new Kumonga or the same Kumonga from Son of Godzilla, but I’ll stick with the latter. Kumonga is just one of many monsters being mind controlled by aliens until the humans freed the monsters from the aliens control. Only for the monsters the ban together to battle the intergalactic three headed dragon King Ghidorah. So in this instance he was an ally to Godzilla by spraying webbing at King Ghidorah with Mothra.

Kumonga’s next and final appearance (for now) is Godzilla Final Wars where he plays a minor villain in the film. Like he only appears in the film for like 1 min and out of all the mind controlled monsters that appear in Godzilla Final Wars. Kumonga is the only monster to not attack any major cities and gets taken out really easily. Like Godzilla grabs this webbing that Kumonga shoots at him and Godzilla begins to swing the still attached Kumonga around in circles before releasing, sending the giant spider flying off into the distance. He is also the third monster to get killed by Godzilla in Final Wars. Unlike his Showa counterpart who put up a good fight against Godzilla, this version of the spider kaiju wasn’t really a real threat to Godzilla.

My reason for Kumonga making this list is for a combination of a few things. The first being that this isn’t the first time we seen a giant spider in film with the most well known giant spider appearing in the 1955 film Tarantula. Although the way Kumonga was brought to life is refreshing since he isn’t a standard man in suit creation but a large puppet. Another problem I have with Kumonga is with his poison stringer ability for a few reasons. The first being that he only uses this ability in his first appearance and haven’t used it since then. Second when he does us it, the poison itself very situational because on one hand it is powerful enough to kill smaller kaiju like Kamacuras in a matter of seconds. However when he used it on Godzilla by stabbing him in the eye. Godzilla was still alive although his vision started to get affected by the poison. So it looks like the poison can only kill really small kaiju but give side affects to bigger kaiju.

Another reason for him being on this list is mainly due to his appearance in Godzilla Final Wars because as I said before he only appears in the movie for like 1 min. Out of all the monsters that the Xillian’s (an alien race) control in the film, Kumonga causes the least amount of damage. If anything he is seen destroying some random trailer in the middle of some desert in Arizona. Also he was defeated really easily by Godzilla (granted this version of Godzilla was really powerful). Overall Kumonga is a refreshing kind of kaiju in terms of how he is brought to life but at the end of the day he is just a giant spider.

8. Battra:


Battra is a giant black moth guardian and the dark counterpart of Mothra who appears in the 1992 film Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth. Ok so he isn’t really evil or villainous but he does act an opponent for Godzilla and a archrival to Mothra. Battra like Mothra has both a larva and adult forms. In his larva form he can swim, burrow underground, and shoot laser beams from his eyes and horn and send energy his touch. He can also transform into his adult by getting enveloped in a flash of light transforming him instantly. While in this adult form he has lost his ability to swim and burrow, but gains the ability to fly and maintains his ability to shoot laser beam from his eyes and touch.

In the movie that he appears in, Battra’s origin in film is that he was created by the Earth itself several thousand years ago because of an ancient civilization created a climate-controlling device. Battra’s purpose was to destroy the device, but he went well beyond his purpose and eradicated the civilization that made the device with the intention to wipe out all of the human race. Mothra challenged Battra and defeated him, sealing him in the North Sea. Fast foreword several thousand years later a meteor awaken Battra and continued his mission to destroy all of humanity only to encounter both Godzilla and Mothra (in her larva form) and continues to battle Godzilla underwater until an underwater volcano consumes both of them. Sometime later he returns, this time in his adult form and fought Mothra. Battera manage to take out Mothra and before he could finish the job. Godzilla arrivals to fight him. At this point Mothra appears and neutralizes Godzilla for a bit allowing both Mothra and Battra to set aside their differences and fight Godzilla together. As the battle continues both Mothra and Battra pick up Godzilla and bring him out to sea and Godzilla in one final act decides to bite Battra in the neck killing the black moth for good. Allowing Mothra to drop both Godzilla and the corpse into the sea.

In terms of why I find Battra to be a bad villain for Godzilla cause like Titanosaurus he isn’t really evil. He is a protector of earth, he just has an extreme way of going about it by wiping out all of the human race. His role in the film just doesn’t really make any sense cause the movie is suppose to be  a re-imaging of the 1964 film Godzilla vs. Mothra. In the context of the Heisei film series, Godzilla is a representation of Earth itself because of how humans used nuclear weapons and is shown attacking many major cities. Yet in the context of the film Battra shares a similar role as a protector of earth who has also attacks majors cities as well. It feels like we have two kaiju that share the same role. It feels kind of redundant and the movie is more of a Mothra vs. Battra movie instead of the Godzilla vs. Mothra film. Again his origin in film is that he is a product of earth and fought Mothra long ago. The makers of the film could of gone in a route that maybe Godzilla is in some way is a resurrection of Battra. That way Godzilla could of been more important to the story cause in the movie Godzilla is just kind of their and really has no purpose in film. Also his design is a product of the 90’s because everything from this time period started to become more EXTREME (instead heavy metal song here)! Overall I got nothing against Battra and I like the idea of Battra and Mothra being connected in some way but Battra is another monster that is based on another yet another already popular monster like Mothra and could of been taken out of the movie in which he appears in.

7. Zilla:


Zilla is probably the most infamous kaiju on this list because of his connection to the Godzilla franchise. Zilla first appeared in the 1998 GODZILLA film being called Godzilla since this was a reimagining of the King of the Monsters. His origin is that he is an marine iguana that got exposed to nuclear fall out from the nuclear tests in French Polynesia back between the 1940s and 1950s. After the release of the 98 film, TOHO was very displeased with this american depiction stating that this creature takes the god out of Godzilla. Sometime later around the 50th anniversary of the Godzilla franchise, TOHO decided to buy the rights to the American Godzilla and renamed it Zilla in Godzilla Final Wars. As far as his abilities go, Zilla can swim, burrow, leap far distances, and depending on the incarnation of the creature can reproduce asexuality and fire an atomic ray like Godzilla.

His role in the 98 film is that he is trying to find a place to make a nest to lay his eggs were he attacks a Japanese fishing vessel and would start making his way to New York City. He has a few close calls with the military throughout the film and was eventually knocked out by some submarines. After awakening from his coma only to discover that his nest was destroyed and decides to take his revenge on the main characters only to get trapped in the Brooklyn Bridge and gets killed by the Air Force.

Sometime after the movie came out, an animated series was created that takes place right after the events of the movie with the main focus being focused on Dr. Nick Tatopoulos who leads a research team as they battle new giant monsters with the help from the surviving baby Godzilla who views Nick as his parent. so in this instance, the Godzilla that appears in this TV show is basically Godzilla Junior. His version of Godzilla still maintains his design and abilities from the 1998 film but he has abilities that are more in line with the Japanese Godzilla from having skin that is able to take hits from missiles and fire an atomic ray unlike his movie counterpart. Although the Godzilla from the film does come back as a cyborg dubbed Cyber-Godzilla (in reference to MechaGodzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah) where he has the ability to shot an atomic ray, is able to take hits from missiles, and is able to shoot missiles from this dorsal fins, and has a weapon that can fire sonic wave from his chest.  After a series of events during the Monster Wars arc in the show, Cyber-Godzilla ends up only to get killed again. This time by his son after getting in a vicious fight.


His appearance in Godzilla Final Wars like Kumonga is a minor villain where he is seen attacking Sydney, Australia before being captured by the Xilians. Sometime after Gigan gets killed by Godzilla, the Xilians leader’s decides to release Zilla in Sydney to do battle with Godzilla. Zilla is defeated rather quickly by Godzilla himself, who bats the creature with his tail sending the poor reptile flying into the Sydney Opera House. Only for Godzilla to finish him off with a single shot of his atomic ray. The battle was the shortest in the entire Godzilla franchise. Zilla is also he second kaiju to be taken out by Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars.

So why do I think Zilla is a bad Godzilla villain. For starters the Zilla creature that appears in the 1998 film was despised not only by the Japanese, he was also despised by the entire Godzilla fandom because of how poor a depiction this is to the Godzilla character. Also in his appearances in film the creature has a decency to run away a lot from the military and gets easily after getting hit after a few missiles hit him. In his appearance in Godzilla Final Wars, not only was it the shortest fight in the franchise. The fight with Godzilla  was meant to show Toho’s displeasure towards Sony and TriStar with their handling of the Godzilla franchise. Also like Titanosaurus, Zilla is just another mind controlled monster, so he isn’t really evil. So with all of that stacking against Zilla, now your wondering why is Zilla this low on this list. Zilla is only this low on the list for the few reasons. One: With the negative reception that the 1998 film got, it forced TOHO to take Godzilla out of a short retirement and create a new series of movies in what many people call the Millennium Era. The animated TV many Godzilla fans consider to be an improvement because of how the Zilla junior is more like the Japanese Godzilla and the fact that his creature fights other giant monsters. Also in Godzilla Final Wars, Zilla wasn’t like his 1998 counter where he ran away from danger on a daily basis. Instead he decides to fight Godzilla head on even though he gets taken out in a matter of seconds. Since his appearance in Godzilla Final Wars, Zilla has become a part of the Godzilla franchise to the point that fans wanted to see in the 2007 Wii videogame Godzilla: Unleashed and makes a few appearances in the comic-book series Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. Overall Zilla as an american representation of Godzilla is terrible since he doesn’t has any of the traits or personality of the Japanese Godzilla (unless if you count Zilla junior from the animated series). However I do like Zilla as his own creature and I don’t think he really deserves the hate that he gets.   

6. Ebirah


Ebirah (aka The Horror of the Deep/ The Sea Monster) is a giant shrimp that first appeared in the 1967 film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (or Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster) who severs as Godzilla’s main opponent in the film. Ebirah powers are that he is a shrimp who can swim and use his claws as weapons. Really not must to his character. Not much is known about his origin other than the fact that a terrorist organization called the Red Bamboo uses him  as a tool to destroy any ships that near the island that they operate at.

His role in the film that Ebirah appears in as said earlier is that he is primary used as a tool to destroy ships from coming near the island or try to leave the island. Ebirah is actually responsible for making the main characters in that movie stranded on the island that is occupied by the Red Bamboo. Sometime later the main characters discover Godzilla sleeping and decide to wake up Godzilla to fight off both the Red Bamboo and Ebirah. Godzilla fights Ebirah and wins the fight by injuring the shrimp with his atomic ray. Ebirah returns during the climax of the film and manages to destroys the ship in which the Red Bamboo were on and proceeds to fight Godzilla again only to lose to him again with Godzilla ripping off both of Ebirah’s claws making the crustacean retreat back to the ocean depths.

His next major appearance would be in the 2004 film Godzilla Final Wars. Ebirah in this movie is first seen attacking a factory in Tokyo near a nuclear power plant. During this scene, the massive crustacean while attacking the factory is also battling the Japanese military forces only to be out matched by the crustacean until the mutants arrive. The mutants manage to defeat Ebirah and were about to kill it until the Xilians arrive and took Ebirah. Ebirah would later return to fight Godzilla at Tokyo Bay while working with the smog monster, Hedorah. The two monsters were no match to Godzilla only to end up getting killed by Godzilla by blasting both of them out of the water with Ebirah piercing one of Hedorah’s eyes with his claw and getting hit by Godzilla’s atomic ray at both of them.

In terms of why I think Ebirah is a bad Godzilla villain. For starters Ebirah is an oxymoron for the main reason that he is a jumbo shrimp (his name in Japanese mean shrimp). Which means that Godzilla’s main opponent in Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster was an oxymoron. While not being called Ebirah, he is sometimes refereed to as The Sea Monster. Really the Sea Monster? That is one part generic and also not worthy of having such a title. If your going to call any kaiju the sea monster, I feel it should go to Godzilla or create a sea kaiju worthy of that title. Also in the context of the Godzilla franchise during the Showa era, The Invasion of Astro -Monster came out the year before and that movie had a lot of science fiction elements revolve around space travel and  the second appearance of the space dragon King Ghidorah. Ebirah isn’t really the best follow up opponent for Godzilla to fight against in the film after The Invasion of Astro-Monster. Also in Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, Godzilla had no problem dealing with the massive shrimp, making short work of Ebirah in both fights. Also the movie was originally suppose to feature King Kong instead of Godzilla but TOHO didn’t have the rights to Kong anymore and at this point in time Godzilla was getting more popular in film. In the film, the Red Bamboo ships used a special extract from the island’s fruit to  make a spray that protects them from Ebirah. So we basically have a group of humans who manage to control a monster with out using any sort of technology like the Xiliians would use. Ebirah’s appearance in Godzilla Final Wars, a group of super soldiers who manage to defeat the massive shrimp without the usage of any special war ships like the Gotengo, Karyu, Rumbling, Eclair, Garuda or mecha like Mecha-King Ghidorah, MechaGodzilla, Kiryu, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. which is so far the only instance in the Godzilla franchise making Ebirah one of the few monsters to be defeated by humanity without the use of vehicles, super-weapons like the Oxygen Destroyer, or other monsters. Later when he would fight Godzilla, like most of the monsters in the film. Ebirah along with Hedorah was killed quickly by Godzilla. Overall there really isn’t much to this jumbo shrimp in terms of both powers and personality although the movies that he appears in are fun to watch.

5. Kamacuras


Kamacuras (or Gimantis) is a giant praying mantis that first appeared in the 1967 Godzilla film Son of Godzilla. In terms of how the mantis kaiju is brought to life in the Godzilla franchise is though puppets instead of being a man in suit creation. Kamacuras acts as the primary villain of the movie. His origin in the movie is that Kamacuras started out as an already large praying mantis that was human sized for no reason ends up getting larger because of a radioactive storm that occurred due to a weather experiment gone wrong. His weapons and powers are that Kamacuras can fly, has spiked claws, and has the power to able to camouflage in with the background through a form of chameleon coloration as seen in Godzilla Final Wars.

His role in Son of Godzilla as I said is that he(them) act as the primary villain of the movie. The main characters know about the human sized praying mantis and tries to hunt the insect only because they view it as a nuisance. Only to lose the insect deep in the jungle. Sometime later while the characters decide to test out their weather equipment only for the experiment to go wrong and actually cause the  the giant praying mantis to mutate into a giant monster. In the movie after the weather experiment goes wrong, it’s relieved that there are more than one Kamacuras on the island. The three Kamacuras unearth an egg that turns to to be an infant of Godzilla. The Kamacuras start to attack the newly born godzillasaur with Godzilla arriving moments later to fight off the gigantic mantises. Godzilla fights all three mantises and ends up killing two of them with the last Kamacuras retreating. Kamacuras would later reappear chasing one of the main characters and ends up getting into a fight with the son of Godzilla who is no longer an infant. Kamacuras ends up getting the upper hand only for Kamacuras to retreat again with Godzilla firing his atomic ray at his head. Little did any of the monsters know that the fight between Kamacuras and Minilla actually awoken a giant spider called Kumonga who ends up trapping both smaller monsters in this webbing. Kumonga uses his poison stinger on Kamacuras which kills the giant praying mantis in seconds and would end up fighting both Godzilla and his son.

His role in Godzilla Final Wars like some of the other monsters on this list is a minor villain who is seen attacking Paris, France. While attacking Paris, the Earth Defense Force sends out one of their aerial war machines, the Eclair to fight Kamacuras. Either combatant held a clear advantage as Kamacuras lands on top of the ship attacking it while the ship fires missiles at it. As the battle continued, Kamacuras, along with the other giant monsters, suddenly get captured by the Xilians. Only for the Xilians to release all the giant monsters again with the added assistance with the alien war ships and the reawaken Gigan, with Kamacuras attacking Paris again. Sometime after the remaining Earth Defense Forces with the last war ship the Gotengo unleash Godzilla. The Xilians decide to dispatch giant monsters to fight Godzilla. Only for Godzilla to kill them quickly. After Gigan, Zilla, Kumonga get killed by Godzilla, the Xilians end up sending out Kamacuras. With Kamacuras ready to do battle with Godzilla on a nearby bridge, only for the bridge to get destroyed by the advancing waves caused by Godzilla. Allowing Kamacuras to take the opportunity to fly and blend in with his surround to ambush Godzilla. Godzilla realizes that Kamacuras is hiding and decides to draw the mantis out by setting the near by hillside a flames. Kamacuras decides to launch an attack only for Godzilla to catch the insect and toss it into a nearby damaged electrical transmission tower, causing Kamacuras to die.

In terms of why I think Kamacuras is a bad Godzilla villain. Like Kumonga, Kamacuras is just a gigantic praying mantis and we have seen a giant praying mantis monster before in the 1957 film The Deadly Mantis. Unlike some of the other kaijus on this list, Kamacuras is so far the only kaiju to appear in numbers. Granted some other kaiju like Gigan who has joined forces with other kaiju like King Ghidorah and Megalon. Or how Desoryah and Hedoarh started out as small forms that combine to form a larger kaiju. But those kaijus had personalities of their own and their was only one of that kaiju. With Kamacuras, it’s literally three of the same kaiju. When the pack of Kamacuras first fight Godzilla. Godzilla had no problem taking them out. It also appears that Kamacuras is a weak kaiju in general since all Godzilla had to do to kill one of them was to grab in and beat it to the ground and fire his atomic ray at it along with the other one that Godzilla killed. And the other Kamacuras that didn’t get killed by Godzilla also died in a matter of seconds when it got hit by Kumonga’s poison stringer. In Godzilla Final Wars,  Kamacuras was taken out quickly like many other kaijus that face Godzilla. Overall Kamacuras like Kumonga is a refreshing kind of kaiju in terms of how he is brought to life but at the end of the day is just a giant praying mantis. I like the idea of a kaiju that appears in packs, but Kamacuras at the end of the day is nothing but cannon fodder for Godzilla to fight against.

4. M.U.T.O.4

The Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms (or M.U.T.O.) is a species of ancient parasites that severe as the main villains in the 2014 GODZILLA movie. The MUTO’s are the first completely original kaiju to be created for a Godzilla film since Terror of Mechagodzilla with the introduction of the aquatic dinosaur Titanosaurs. Granted most of the monsters that appear in both the Heisei and Millennium eras are new but are usually linked to Godzilla or another popular monster like Mothra or Rodan in someway. The MUTO’s on the other hand are also one of few monsters to be entirely depicted as GCI creations as apposed to men in suit creations. The MUTO’s origin are that they are an ancient species of parasites that came from the same era and ecosystem as Godzilla. The MUTOs would often hunt the Godzilla species and lay eggs inside their dead bodies. Several thousand years later, the MUTOs return in modern day society in order to feed off radiation and reproduce and continue the survival of the species. As far as their weapons/powers go, the MUTO’s in general use echolocation to communicate with one an other, creates emp bursts after feeding off a lot radiation, and are very strong to the point that they can toss Godzilla around on a few occasions. Abilities that are exclusive to the male MUTO are the fact that it can primary fly and swim short distances underwater.

The MUTOs main role in the 2014 GODZILLA is that they severe as the main villains (and oddly enough the main focus…) of the film. Sometime after the Monarch organization attempted to kill Godzilla in 1954 with atomic bombs. Several thousand years during the year of 1999 in the Philippines. The male MUTO hatched from its egg and dug a hole causing an earthquake at a near by construction site which draws the attention of the Monarch organization. The male MUTO makes its way to a Japanese nuclear power plant to feed off the radiation. 15 years later, the male MUTO reawakens once again but this time in his fully grown form. The MUTO now has a mission to reunite with the female MUTO, but first the male MUTO need to eat and decides to grab a near by Russian submarine to feed off its radiation. Little does the MUTO know that its long time arch-rival Godzilla was on his tail and ready for a fight. The male MUTO and Godzilla get into a short battle, with the male MUTO retreating from Godzilla with Godzilla in pursuit.

Meanwhile over in Nevada, the female MUTO emerges and attacks Las Vegas. After destroying Las Vegas. With the emergence of the female MUTO, the Monarch organization came to the conclusion that the male and female were communicating with each other to find one another to reproduce to continue the species. The female MUTO while making her way towards the male MUTO, ends up feeding on all but one nuclear warhead. The next day the military managed to get the last warhead in San Francisco harbor only for the male MUTO to get a hold of the last warhead and deliver it to the female MUTO. The two MUTOs reunite at long last with the male MUTO giving the female MUTO the remaining warhead and providing watch while the female starts to make a nest. This only lead to Godzilla and the male MUTO to fight again well into the night. After finishing the nest the female and male MUTO join forces to tag team Godzilla. The two over sized parasites manage to have an advantage over Godzilla. It wan’t until the main character destroyed the nest causing the female to get distracted allowing Godzilla to fire his atomic ray at the female MUTO crippling her. This leads to the male MUTO to continue the fight with Godzilla, allowing the female MUTO to chase after the human forces who took back the warhead. With the female distracted, Godzilla manages to kill off the male MUTO by slamming the flying parisite into a building with his tail. Impaling the male MUTO killing it.Godzilla than makes his way towards the female and manages to fire his atomic ray down her throat. Killing the prehistoric parasite and end the cycle of the MUTO life cycle once and for all.

In terms of why I think the MUTOs are bad Godzilla villain(s), for starters in a movie called Godzilla. Godzilla himself isn’t the main focus of the film. Instead his new opponents for the film have more screen time than Godzilla himself. Granted in a any new Godzilla film, if the movie introduces a new kaiju there is usually some screen time dedicated to the new kaiju to either show off its powers or orgin. The problem with this movie is that the movie is suppose to be a reboot of Godzilla. So it should of been more focused on Godzilla than the MUTO. Like seriously the movie was more about the MUTOs  than Godzilla. If this was the second installment of an american reboot than it would make sense for the MUTO to have a lot more focus. Also I don’t like MUTO as a name for these kaiju because in the context of the film MUTO is short for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms. MUTO is suppose to be like the UFO of kaijus. So we basically have a nameless kaiju acting as the main villains of the movie. Also their design is really off putting because the 2014 Godzilla film is suppose to be a realistic take on the kaiju genre. The MUTOs design look like a combination of the Cloverfield Monster and the alien bugs from Starship Troopers. Speaking of Starship Troopers, the MUTOs have a very angular design similar to that of the warrior bugs. It just looks unnatural. Also for a kaiju that is suppose to be a parasite, the MUTOs really don’t show any traits that parasites usually demonstrate. We are told that the MUTOs lay eggs in what ever species that Godzilla belongs to, but this never happens in film. If the movie was like the episode from Godzilla: The Series called What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been where Godzilla fights a giant mutant germ called Bacillus and gets infested by the giant germ. The main characters make an antibiotic to fight against the bacteria by entering inside of Godzilla’s body and find the source of the infection, it could of been an interesting idea to see in a live action Godzilla film. As far as the MUTOs over appearance in the movie itself. I’m going to start with the male MUTO since that is the first of the MUTOs to appear in the film. As far as the male goes, he is shown to be strong enough to grab a Russian Typhoon-class submarine from the depths of the ocean and pull it dozens of miles inland on the island of Hawaii and even swim for short distances and lift Godzilla on several occasions. When it came to fighting Godzilla itself, well we couldn’t really see the fight since anytime the kaijus are about to fight. The movie cuts to something that isn’t related to the fight and see the fight itself on a tv that one of the main characters is watching. From the news footage that actually recorded the fight, it shows the male MUTO retreating  the fight. Only for Godzilla to immediately chasing him. When the big battle between Godzilla and the MUTOs does happen. We see that with the male’s natural ability to fly gives the MUTO an advantage over Godzilla. However it really doesn’t take much to kill the MUTO since all Godzilla had to do was slam the kaiju into a building, impaling it on a few steel beams. With the female MUTO it is said that between the two MUTOs, the female is the more dangerous of the two. However when she first fights Godzilla by herself, Godzilla has no problem with fighting the female to the point that Godzilla himself could of killed the female MUTO really early on before the male MUTO joined the fight. And when Godzilla does kill the female MUTO with his atomic ray, it takes Godzilla very little effort for him to kill the female since all he had to do was grab her jaws and fire his atomic ray down her throut killing her instancly. So between the two MUTOs, the female despite her size is a lot weaker than her male counterpart only because the male can fly. Overall the MUTOs are nothing but nameless parasites could of had an interesting idea for a story but wasn’t fully realized and I think that there should of been one MUTO to fight Godzilla instead of two to keep the story simpler.

3. Megalon


Megalon is a giant insectoid kaiju that first appeared in the 1973 Godzilla vs. Megalon as the main villain of the film. His origin in the film is that he lives in the depths of the earth in the great lands of the Seatopia Kingdom. In the Seatopia Kingdom, Megalon acts as a god for his worshipers always sleeping until a time where he is needed. Is weapons/powers are that he has a ablility to burrow underground by combining his drill hands together, he can fly at mach 3, fire Napalm Bombs from his mouth, shoot lighting blots from his horn, and can jump far distances. Even though he only has appeared in one film so far, Megalon has a rather large fan base (surprisingly). Originally Megalon was suppose to appear in a scrapped movie called Godzilla vs. the Space Monsters: Earth Defense Directive where Godzilla, Anguirus, and Majin Tuol (a unmade statue kaiju in the same vain as Daimajin) would battle three space monsters in the form of King Ghidorah, Gigan, and Megalon in order to save the earth. Although the movie itself was scrapped, TOHO did take several ideas from this script and made it into two different films from Godzilla vs. Gigan & Godzilla vs. Megalon.   

His role in Godzilla vs. Megalon, Megalon himself acts as the main kaiju villian/tool for his followers of the Seatopia Kingdom. While the human race continued their tests with nuclear bombs in which disrupted the Seatopia Kingdom. The Seatoppians called upon their god and awaken the insectoid kaiju Megalon and sends him to the surface to destory the humans that lives above ground. While Megalon travels across the surface, a few agents of Seatopia managed to take control of a robot called Jet Jaugar. The agents planned on using the robot to bring Megalon to a nearby Japanese city, until the main characters manage to take control of their robot which caused Megalon to stop following the flying robot and go on a temper tantrum. Sometime later while Jet Jaugar (after telling Godzilla about Megalon though sign language) was in control of itself, he manage to program itself to grow larger and decides to have a one on one fight Megalon. Jet Jaugar actually was doing pretty well against the Seatopia god. With the Seatopians watching the fight, they decide to contact Nebula Space Hunter M to use Gigan to assiat Megalon. As soon as Gigan arrives, the tables have turned on the robot and the battle was more in favor of Megalon and Gigan. While the battle looked grim, Godzilla arrives and joins Jet Jaguar in fighting Megalon and Gigan. As the battle was coming to an end, Gigan retreated back to space after Jet Jaguar breaks his arm and getting blasted by Godzilla’s atomic ray. Leaving Megalon all alone. Jet Jaguar and Godzilla beat up Megalon a little more before the Seatopian god retreats back to Seatopia Kingdom. 

Alright before I bash Megalon, interms of what I like about him is the fact we have the first insect themed kaiju that is a man in suit creation unlike some of the other insect kaiju like Mothra & Kamacuras which were depicted as puppets. Also he has a cool design to him along with his weapons and powers set. In terms of why I think Megalon is a bad Godzilla villain. He is what has got to be the worst kaiju to be the villian for a Godzilla film because he has really cool weapons/powers but really doesn’t use them to their fullest potential because of how dumb he is. Like seriously Megalon is the most unintelligent kaiju to be seen in a Godzilla film cause he doesn’t use some of his more devastating powers during his fight with Godzilla like his lighting horn. Also when the main characters take control of Jet Jaguar, Megalon just acts like a child going on a temper tantrum. Also you know that he’s a bad Godzilla villain when his followers call for the assistance of the space kaiju Gigan because Megalon was losing to Jet Jaguar. Also when Godzilla arrives to assist Jet Jaguar, Gigan basically becomes the brains between him and Megalon. Also he is one of few earth kaijus that works with alien kaiju. Even outside the movie, he his usually depicted with the alien kaijus than the earth based kaijus. Despite being a bad Godzilla villain, for some reason he has a huge fan base. Like I don’t understand why he has as big of a following as some of the other villains like King Ghidorah and Gigan. Overall he has a cool design and set of weapons/powers, but Megalon is just too dumb to be a main villain in a Godzilla villain.

2. Gabara


Oh boy were do I even start with this kaiju. Ok so Gabara is a dream kaiju that first appeared in the 1971 film Godzilla’s Revenge as the main villain of the movie. The inspiration behind Gabara is an confusing one cause no one can make up their mind as to what Gabara is suppose to be. Some sources say that he is based on a creature called Oni, an ogre-like race in Japanese mythology. Or that he started out as a toad and got mutated by nuclear bombs and grew to gigantic size. Like if I had to describe in interms of what he looks like, he looks like some sort of cat-faced, wart-covered lizard man thing. Gabara’s origin in film is that a little boy  named Ichiro Miki (main character) while sleeping, he dreams that he himself is at Monster Island where all the Earth’s kaiju lives. While being on the island after seeing Godzilla battling three Kamacuras (a.k.a. stock footage from Son of Godzilla). The main character encounters Godzilla’s son (now human sized) and tells him of Gabara. In terms of what Gabara abilities include, he is capable of sending electricity through his body, causing him to shock anything he touches. Yeah in terms of powers, its a cool idea but that’s it.

His role in Godzilla’s Revenge is that he is the main villain of the movie and acts as an bully to Godzilla’s son. He basically is seen either bullying Godzilla’s son or is chasing the main human character though the forests of Monster Island. Near the end of the film while both the Ichiro Miki and Minilla watch Godzilla some other monsters (aka even more stock footage from other Godzilla films.), Gabara appears and challeges Minilla to a fight. Wanting to prove his worth as being the son of Godzilla, Minilla accepts the challege only for the fight to not go in his favor with Gabara using his electricity powers and shocks Minilla. After some words of encouragement from the little boy tells Godzilla’s son to face his demon’s. And so Minilla musters all his strength and decides to fight Gabara once more. This time around he actually does well against Gabara by catapulting the bully kaiju through the air by landing on a seesaw-like log. With the fight over, Godzilla (while watching the fight from a far) arrives  and congratulates his son for beating Gabara all by himself. However, Gabara wasn’t done just yet and decides to fight both Godzilla and his son. Only for Godzilla to just beat Gabara into submission, making the dream kaiju retreat back into the forest not to be seen again.

In terms of why I think Gabara is a terrible villain for not only Godzilla but the Godzilla franchise as a whole. On top of Godzilla’s Revenge is probably the worst Japanese Godzilla movie, Gabara without a doubt the worst kaiju to serve as the primary antagonist of a Godzilla film. Unlike some of the other kaijus on this list, Gabara isn’t really that evil. He primary acts as more of a bully than a villain. Case in point he spends more time beating up Godzilla’s son than Godzilla himself. When he does fight Godzilla, Godzilla tosses him to the ground no problem on several occasions. Even when Gabara uses his electrical powers on Godzilla, it does little harm to the King of the Monsters. Even after getting electrocuted, Godzilla just tosses Gabara no problem. Gabara  also has what has got to be the most annoying roar ever. Like it’s even more annoying than Titanosaurus roar. Also Gabara in the context of the film is actually an over exaggerating version of a child bully named Sanko Gabara that the main character fights at the end of the film. So what this means is that Gabara doesn’t exit in the movie, he only exists in some kids dream. Now on pen and paper, we could have a kaiju that’s like the Freddy Krueger of the Godzilla franchise as seen in Godzilla: The Series in episode What Dreams May Come with a creature that is a product from one mans dream that also uses electrical attacks. Overall Gabara is a really dumb kaiju that should be forgotten.

1. Giant Condor


Now for the number one worst villain in the entire Godzilla franchise is the Giant Condor. The Giant Condor is well as the name suggests a giant condor. The first bird kaiju first appeared in the 1967 film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (or Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster). As far as his abilities go the Giant Condor. It can fly, and use it beak and talons as weapons for close combat. As far as his origin goes he really doesn’t have one since he only appears in the movie for like 20 seconds. Yeah there really isn’t much to this bird kaiju.

His role in Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, while Godzilla is sleeping after stocking a human woman. All the a sudden the Giant Condor appears and attacks the sleeping nuclear leviathan. Godzilla gets caught off guard and fights the bird kauju, only for the condor to get set on fire by Godzilla’s atomic ray. Sending the bird to the ground and proceeding to the near by sea. Killing the Giant Condor once in for all.

In terms of why I think the Giant Condor is the worst Godzilla villain of all time. There is nothing to this bird kaiju. Granted with other kaijus like Ebirah and Kamacuras they might not has the best personalities for kaijus but at least I could appreciate the way the kaijus were brought to life in terms of effects and at least had some thing to do with the movies plot. The Giant Condor on the other hand has absolutely nothing to do with the story of Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster. Every scene that happens before, during, and after the Godzilla’s fight with the Giant Condor. The fight scene with Godzilla itself is really bad because the editing to it is all over the place (as seen above). None of the main characters ever mention the bird kaiju or is seen again in the rest of the movie. I really debated who I should put as my number one worst Godzilla villain between The Giant Condor or Gabara. Even though I would totally put Gabara as number one but why I place the Giant Condor above Gabara main because Gabara is the main villain of his movie while this condor on the other hand isn’t. Overall I got nothing on this bird kaiju because he is that bad of a Godzilla villain. He isn’t even a villain, hes more of a nuisance if any thing else.

There you have it; here is my list of Godzilla worst villains. Agree? Disagree? Look forward to the new Godzilla films being created by both TOHO and Legendary studios.  If so leave a comment and what is your top 10 Godzilla villains list. Have a nice day and see you on my next blog.

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From my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of high school I was on a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team called I.B.O.T.S. 2370. While I was on the team, I was designated photographer since I took a lot of pictures when the team built the robot and while we were at various competitions. However it hit me I now wanted to make a video for our team so that we could get more people to join. During my last two years of high school, I went to a tech center for video production. While I was there I made various types of video for that class from music videos, documentaries, promo videos, etc. There I made a few videos for the robotics team and from there this made me want to get into the video production career field.

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