Reviewing The Trailers of Comic Con 2016

With this years Comic Con just happening this past weekend. A good amount of movie trailers shown at this years Comic Con. So here are my general thought on each trailer.

Wonder Woman:

Thoughts: Out of the movies that DC and WB are making at the moment, this easily looks like it’s going to be the best of the movies released so far (pending on how Suicide Squad does). Granted it is reminding me of the first Captain America movie but it also look like it’s taking some elements from the 2009 animated film as well. Her costume in this look a lot more colorful than it did in BVS:DOJ. Also I’m happy that Wonder Woman is finally getting a live action film after all these years and her theme from BVS:DOJ is played near the end of the trailer. I could listen to that theme all day. Overall I really look forward to this film, even if it looks like the first Captain America movie which isn’t a bad thing.

Justice League:

Thoughts: Between the two trailers that DC & WB released at this years Comic Con, I’m not really impressed by this trailer. Granted it looks better than BVS:DOJ. Also the tone of the film looks like its trying to have an Avengers style tone in regards to the film being colorful and humorous. Case in point the scenes with Bruce Wayne interacting with Barry Allen (The Flash) and telling Wonder Woman about how his meeting went with Author Curry (Aquaman). Speaking of the Flash, the actor they got to play him looks too young to be playing Barry Allen. Like honestlly it might as well been Wally West. ALso his costume looks like the costume that The Flash has in the Injustice video game. Also Cyborg in this trailer looks a bit weird, and his lower jaw looks like it’s totally on a different layer.  Overall not impressed but looks better than BVS:DOJ

Doctor Strange (Trailer 2):

Thoughts: Like the first trailer, this movie just looks like MARVEl trying to make their own version of INCEPTION with Doctor Strange. At least we finally get a better look at what Doctor Strange will look like in his costume. We also get a better look at the films villain along with the sense of humor that this film will have. Overall is looks no different than the first trailer but a better look at Doctor Strange himself.

Kong: Skull Island:

Thoughts: I’m really interesting this this film since there was a lot of production history behind the movie which was meant to be a prequel to the King Kong mythos. As far as this trailer goes. The movie itself looks really intense. We don’t see much of Kong, but from the few bit we do see of him. Kong looks gigantic and has a more humanoid shape to him. We see a lot of the characters interacting with other creatures off screen. The only other creature that is seen is a giant spider. weather or not this is meant to be Kumonga (a giant spider monster) from the Godzilla franchise (Since this take place in the same universe as the 2014 Godzilla) we don’t know. Overall the look looks like a combination of Platoon with Mysterious Island.



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From my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of high school I was on a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team called I.B.O.T.S. 2370. While I was on the team, I was designated photographer since I took a lot of pictures when the team built the robot and while we were at various competitions. However it hit me I now wanted to make a video for our team so that we could get more people to join. During my last two years of high school, I went to a tech center for video production. While I was there I made various types of video for that class from music videos, documentaries, promo videos, etc. There I made a few videos for the robotics team and from there this made me want to get into the video production career field.

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