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Today we are going to talk about the Boomstick edition of The Army of Darkness. I found the product to be a bit weird. Granted I did buy a used copy. The DVD comes with both normal and the director’s cut of the film. The DVDs are in good condition. Edges of the slip cover and DVD have seen better days. Speaking of slip covers, I usually hate slip covers since I find them to be really useless and irrelevant. The slip cover to this actually supersized me for a few reasons. The first being that the slip cover itself shows the cover like such along with the back cover. When taking it off, the actual DVD case shows the scene select for both editions of the movie along with images of Ash and a deadite. I did find the scene selection to be both useful and irreverent. Both scene selections are the same with the only difference being the last chapter (S-mart ending and Apocalypse ending). Also the case to the DVD is weird. In stead of being a plastic case, the casing itself has two plastic panels for each DVD that are held to a piece of plastic paper casing. Also the DVD didn’t come with any paper inserts like other editions of this copy have but I’m not to disappointed since I what makes the edition important (the movies themselves). Also the DVD slip cover bugs me for two reasons. Not the biggest problems but the first being the 3D effect added to the front to the front. It just doesn’t look right. The second being the floating skull in the background. Its the same skull graphic that was used for the Evil Dead 2 DVD covers and posters. What is it doing here it has no purpose unless if its the Evil Ash but Evil Ash looks noting like this. I just found it to be a little weird.


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From my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of high school I was on a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team called I.B.O.T.S. 2370. While I was on the team, I was designated photographer since I took a lot of pictures when the team built the robot and while we were at various competitions. However it hit me I now wanted to make a video for our team so that we could get more people to join. During my last two years of high school, I went to a tech center for video production. While I was there I made various types of video for that class from music videos, documentaries, promo videos, etc. There I made a few videos for the robotics team and from there this made me want to get into the video production career field.

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