“The Spawn Of Jaws” Podcast Review

Podcast Link: https://soundcloud.com/radiodromeshow/episode-234-the-spawn-of-jaws

Brandon Tenold’s review of Great White:

When it comes to online media, I’m don’t usually listen to podcasts. As far as podcasts go, I wasn’t really sure were to start since podcasts can take a variety of different forms. So I decided to look at old posts of a movie reviewer I follow on YouTube named Brandon Tenold. He’s usually known for reviewing b-movies or cult films from Barbarella, Turkish Spiderman, to some of the older Godzilla films. On his Facebook page he mentioned a few times that he was in a few podcasts, one of them with Radiodrome’s “antagonistic” film critic Josh Hadley. I’m not really familiar with Radiodrome or the person running it. So I decided to listen to  the podcasts that Brandon Tenold took part in. More pacifically the podcast that talked about bad shark movies called the “Spawn of Jaws”.

In this podcast; Brandon, Josh, along with a few other b-movie enthusiasts spend an hour talking about b-movies that followed in the wake of Jaws. The podcast starts with the group talking about b movies that they consider Jaws rip-offs vs. films that have similar ideas but aren’t necessarily Jaws rip-off. As the podcast progresses they go into what rip-offs that they either liked or disliked from films such as Piranha (the 1978 film), Orca, BarracudaTentacles (film) to the infamous Italian horror Jaws ripoff called Great White (a.k.a. The Last Shark). With a film like Great White (a.k.a. The Last Shark), the film is such a Jaws rip off that Universal Pictures sued the makers of the movie accusing them of plagiarism because of how similar Great White is to  Jaws. Brandon actually mention this in his review of the film and said that the film should of just have been called Jaws instead of Great White (or The Last Shark) because of how similar they are. So the release of Great White was blocked in North America and hasn’t had a legitimate release on home video or DVD to this day.

The last portion of the podcast talks about b-movies today vs. the b-movies that they grew up with. They also talk about the difference between fans of older b-movies and the current generation of b-movie fans. Case in point they started to talk about the recent shark disaster cult film Sharknado and the fan base that accompanies it. The group of b-movie enthusiasts came to the agreement that they weren’t the biggest fans of the film and didn’t like the idea that Sharknado was getting sequels. While on the topic of Sharknado, the people talked about how b-movies today are being made on purpose while older b-movies are made with more heart and passion. Along with how movie companies go through trends like Hollywood is now with making movies in both the superhero and young adult genres.

My overall critique of the Radiodrome’s podcast is that I found it to be really enjoyable from a film geek point of view. I like the progression of the bizarre subject matter from how b-movies evolved over the years to the difference between the audiences that grew up with b-movies like Sharknado to the people that grew up with movies like Great White (or at least b-movies from today vs b-movies from the last century). My overall problem with the podcast is that the audio would sound really off. For example some of the people are using Skype to take part in this podcast and the audio coming from the person talking would sound fine while other times it sounds like they are having problems. This only happens in the beginning of the podcast. Also considering subject matter, I was able to follow it fine since I was familiar with most of the movies that the group was talking about. The group of people explain in great detail about each of the films that they considered Jaws ripoffs or films that happen to appear in the wake of Jaws. However I don’t think that everyone who isn’t into b-movies like myself would understand the subject matter of Jaws rip-offs so easily and the discussion of bad shark movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


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From my freshmen year of high school to my senior year of high school I was on a F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team called I.B.O.T.S. 2370. While I was on the team, I was designated photographer since I took a lot of pictures when the team built the robot and while we were at various competitions. However it hit me I now wanted to make a video for our team so that we could get more people to join. During my last two years of high school, I went to a tech center for video production. While I was there I made various types of video for that class from music videos, documentaries, promo videos, etc. There I made a few videos for the robotics team and from there this made me want to get into the video production career field.

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